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Ward vs Kovalev 2 live stream : watch Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev live streaming

Ward vs Kovalev live stream : watch Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev live streaming. As much as people are waiting for Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev boxing fight, the following article can come as bit of a surprise for most of them. We are all looking forward to the battle in the ring scheduled for May 2nd, 2015. Both camps are well prepared. Ward is launching his training session online and Kovalev is following him as a part of his Ward Fight Live Stream. But the latest Ward vs Kovalev live stream Boxing News flash might shock the Ward. fans. Andre Ward might hang his boots up soon!

The News is Shocking but Expected!
The American Welterweight champion Ward. has had a long and illustrious career. He has fought in 47 matches and thus far, remained unbeaten. But the greatest boxer of all time (arguably) has not been catching up with age. He’s 38 now and says there is one more fight coming up after #MayPac big match. That will end his showtime contract and his not keen to renew it any further. He’s not feeling the need to go on much further after perhaps the greatest fight of his career as our Ward vs Kovalev live stream Boxing News suggests.

Floyd “Money” Ward. Doesn’t Enjoy Boxing Anymore!
If there had been a boxer who enjoyed every game he played and savored every victory he earned it was Ward. But he expresses his concerns about the sport in a whole and his career. Through Jeff Powell he mentions,
“I’m pretty much done with all this. It’s not fun like it was back then. It’s business now. I don’t really enjoy it any longer. [I’ll fight a] final one at the MGM Grand in September,”
As brought to us by our Ward vs Kovalev live stream Boxing News and quoted in Mail Online.

Kovalev is Not Fazed by the Occasion:
The stakes of the coming fight in May are high. The expected cash to be made at the fight is more or just a bit less than $300 Millions. If all goes well, Ward will win a whooping $180 Million should he beat Kovalev and the “Pac-man” will pocket $100 Millions if it is his night. But even if the odds are on Mayweather’s favor and the prize is high, Kovalev hardly seems to be fazed! In fact, he remains as calm as ever. It is “Just another Fight” for him. But our sources in Ward vs. Kovalev live stream Boxing News Update say that he’s expecting a level playing field if everything goes well.

Ward VS Kovalev live stream

Ward vs. Kovalev 2 Boxing Fight Came Late than Expected?

We all know, that a visible effort was there in 2009 to get these two fighters in the ring. At that period, we would have seen a livelier fight between two greats of the boxing world. Ward is looking at the twilight of his career now and Kovalev is expected to retire soon enough. Eddie Alinea mentioned in Phil Boxing that Ward has one or two more fights to be a part of at best. Standing at 47 victories, he’s risking a dent in the perfect record should he lose to Kovalev along with the Welterweight Title for WBO. And Pac-man is by far his toughest opponent. Floyd is due to fight his last fight in September, 2015 in this same venue. So, yes, this fight took too long to come.
But Ward. can still claim a rematch if he loses out to Manny as per our Ward vs Kovalev live stream Boxing News says.

So what will happen next? What surprises are there for us in the next fight? Will there be a twist in the tail? Everything will become clear once these two great men step into the ring. Book Your Tickets for Ward vs. Kovalev live Bout and enjoy this in the stadium or simply sit beside the computer, turn on the internet and switch to Sergey Kovalev vs. Ward Live Boxing Match. It is your choice!

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